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Hippie Love Bath & Body Oil | Wandering Size

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2oz-59ml | Vegan Friendly | Organic & Wildcrafted Ingredients  This sensual and romantic aromatherapeutic blend will help to invigorate your dry & lack luster skin. Its botanical oils will help to calm, enhance & nourish your troubled skin. A way to relieve all your daily stresses and give you an extra bit of passion, delight and hippie love to your day. Perfect for massage, enhanced bath, or a ritual applied after showering.    Uses Apply 1-2 Pumps for a massage Add 3-4 Pumps into your bath water for an aromatherapeutic and skin enhancing bath Apply a generous amount after showering while skin is still damp & enjoy your bodies natural aroma Benefits * moisturizes skin * anti- aging properties  * helps remove and repair scars from trauma and acne * exfoliates skin- removes dead cells * soothes irritated and itchy skin * regulates skin oil production  * improves skin tone and overall complexion * calming & stress relieving benefits on the mind Ingredients Organic Sandalwood Oil | has an