Care & Cleaning

How should I take care of my jewelry?

Polishing | To maximize the longevity of your jewelry, please remember to occasionally polish it gently. You can find jewelry polishing cloths specially infused with a jewelry cleaner on Etsy or Amazon. We also recommend that you use a separate polishing cloth for multiple metal types, such as gold and silver.

When NOT to Wear | Please avoid wearing your jewelry during such activities as exercising, showering, sleeping, applying makeup, or cleaning with chemical products.

Storing | Please store your jewelry away from natural sunlight and heat, preferably in a tarnish-resistant pouch, or in a zip-lock bag made of Mylar or polyethylene.

Tarnish | Unless it is completely void of base metals, all jewelry has the potential of tarnishing or giving off a green or black color. The copper found in gold-plated fashion jewelry and in sterling silver fine jewelry especially can cause a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with moisture (such as sweat or water) or acids (such as perfume, lotions, household cleaning products, and soaps). People whose body chemistry contains a higher acidity (PH) will be more susceptible to tarnished jewelry and staining. Though it is a harmless reaction, we understand that it is nevertheless a disappointing one. Please note that we stand by our jewelry, and we will fully refund any piece returned within 30 days of purchase.