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Haus of Incense

Ispalla Incense - Palo Santo & Lavender

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This natural and organic incense based on Palo Santo's milled wood is sustainably harvested in Peruvian dry woods, supporting farmers' economies and contributing to artisan growth. This brand has grown worldwide very quickly, appealing to fans of aromatherapy, relaxation, and spirituality, which have been very receptive to the environmental sustainability and community contribution of the brand. * 100% Natural Incense, made with ground Palo Santo wood and its resin with natural lavender. * The Palo Santo is ethically sourced. NO trees were cut down to make this product. * Peruvian artisans contributed to the making of this product. * When you light up this incense, you will be able to see the sparks that the Palo Santo resin creates and the smoke will create rings in the air, you can appreciate its intense and authentic smell more than other regular Palo Santo sticks.