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【Japanese】Seal Mochi White - MOCHIFUWA MARSHMALLOW FRIENDS! Stuffed Toys

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・ETA & Shipping: Your order will be shipped out right away when it's available. But if once out of stock, it may take several weeks to restock. ・These cute medium sized plush featuresMOCHIFUWA MARSHMALLOW FRIENDS. ・Very soft polyester fabric ・You will feel relaxed and help you reduce the stress and the pressure in yourself. ・Great ideas for goodie bag stuffers, plush lovers, game prizes and more! ・Great gift for kids, adult, families and friends. ・8 Style: Seal Mashu White, Seal Mochi White, Seal Blue, Seal Pink, Whooper, Salamander, Whale Shark (Blue), Whale Shark (Skyblue) ・MOQ & Pack of 10 pcs ・This toy may have small part. Do not put toy in the mouth to avoid accidental ingestion. Related Categories Japanese, Japanese Stationery, Japanese Blind box, Japanese plush