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Thousand Skies

Super Fluffy Corgi Portable LED Light (TAP ON)

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Turn the light switch to "on" and TAP ON the light to turn the it on. Size: 6x4x3.5 inches The soft glow of the Super Fluffy Corgi LED light will keep you company until you fall asleep. This little guy will automatically turn off after 60 minutes. To Operate the Corgi LED light: 1. Turn the switch at the bottom of the light to "ON" 2. Place the corgi on a flat surface and pet (tap) its little bum to turn the light on, adjust the 2 brightness level, and to turn it off. Product Specifications: -Requires 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included) ‐ Generate a soft LED luminous glow with 2 levels of brightness (tap to adjust) ‐ On/off switch ‐ Durable, non‐toxic, made from BPA & phthalate-free Plastic, and easy to clean - The battery lid comes with a supplied screw for safety. Design © Thousand Skies |, All Rights Reserved Instagram @thousandskies