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Kindness is Magic

Yin Yang Butterfly Patch

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Find peace and balance with our yin yang patch, featuring fluttering butterflies set against the morning sun & moonlit night skies. Our embroidered, iron on patch has lovely little star and flower details. Sweet little gift for yourself or others. We are proud supporters of 1% for the Planet šŸŒŽ ā˜† ! Support our mother earth (怃ā–½ć€ƒ) Patches feature iron-on backing & ship with instructions. ā™„ Measures approx 2 1/2"" round ā™„ Iron on backing ā™„ Designed by & exclusive to Kindness is Magic! ā™„ Sustainably packaged on recycled paper cards & biodegradable, eco bags ā™„ Imported ā™„ Intended for use by adults only ā™„ Includes 1 patch Daily PSA: Kindness is Magic (ā—”ā€æā—”āœæ)